The Best Backpacking Tips for Independent Travellers


Right, let’s get straight into a summary of some of my best backpacker tips that I have learned from my travels all over the world. Of course there are many others yet I feel these ones listed below cover the core concerns of the Independent Backpacker, where ever their journey takes them.

Travel as light as possible. Don’t pack stuff you won’t use or may only use once. Create a strict packing list and stick to it.

Consider not booking a return ticket for trips longer than three months. This way you can literally end up anywhere and fly home from there.

Take a laptop/iPad and iPhone. Great for backing up photos/video, entertainment, staying in tough with friends and navigation.

Use Skype to stay in touch with friends. Also buy Skype credit which gives cheap international calls via Skype.

Pack travel sickness tablets, anti diarrhea, multi vitamins, pain killers, etc

Take a multi fit power adaptor and small multi socket power board.

Pack hiking pants and no jeans. Jeans are heavy and bulky and slow to dry

Always carry some alcohol. A great way to relax with new friends

Keep a journal. You will definitely want to record all your

How to Pack Your Laptop Without Breaking It


We live in the information age where everyone is connected to the Internet. Even when during travel, many people would bring their laptop or mobile devices with them to stay connected online. Also, laptops are widely brought along during travel as they provide a form of entertainment where you can watch movies and listen to music.

For the workaholics, laptops are brought along so that work can be done, and emails can be read. Here are some effective travel packing tips on how to pack your laptop and electronic devices to ensure that they do not get damaged during your travels.

Tip #1: Always carry your laptop in a laptop bag

There are many laptop bags out there designed specifically to carry and transport your laptop computer. Various designs range from sling style bags, to backpack style of bags. Regardless of which style you get, the main purpose of the laptop bag is that it is designed specifically to protect your laptop with special padding and compartments in the bag.

It is good to get a laptop bag that has various compartments and pockets, so that you can store your laptop accessories along with it, such

Useful Backpacking Tips For Travelers


It is fun to go on backpacking trips. But it will be so much fun to travel on ultra-light backpacks. Not many people know the way to travel light. This is the reason why most people end up lifting heavy weights on their back. Now, here are some useful backpacking tips to help you go ultra-light without compromising your needs.

1) Take only necessary items

It can be difficult to decide what you really need, and what you do not need. Plan properly the quantity of shirts, pants, underwear and socks needed according to the number of days for your stay. If you need to bring a dictionary, buy a pocket dictionary instead.

2) Make a List

Plan everything ahead. Make a list of the things you need take along and pack days before you depart. Avoid last minute preparation because when you pack in a hurry, you will tend to take unnecessary things along.

3) Share weight

If you are traveling with a companion, share the weight you both will be carrying. For example, take one tent instead of two. You can also share your shampoo, toothpaste and cooking gear.

4) Choose light bag

Buy a light-weighted bag.

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7 Travel Beauty Tips

Everyone wants to feel and look good on holiday but travelling, and the sun, can take its toll on our hair and skin.

Just as you plan your itinerary on holiday, so should you plan to take care of your hair and skin, so here are some helpful travel beauty tips for when you next jet off on your next trip, be it for business or pleasure!

Moisturise Before You Fly

Keep your skin hydrated – the night before you fly, apply a heavier-than-normal moisturiser and apply again in the morning. This will help your skin combat the dehydrating effects of being in the cabin, leaving you more ‘fresh faced’ when you disembark.

Forget the Foundation

If you can, be prepared to ditch your usual foundation and instead just travel wearing moisturiser. Trying to wear sunscreen and foundation isn’t easy. If you don’t like going without foundation, one option is to take your make-up off just before you board, putting on your moisturiser, and then reapplying once you’ve landed if you really can’t travel without a full face. Alternatively, consider a tinted moisturiser.

Blotting Paper

If you’re going somewhere hot then you will be applying suntan lotion to your face. This can sometimes make even usually

How to Organize a Family Travel Plan

Carefully planned and organized family vacation can be real fun and exciting and certainly leaves us with great memories which can be truly cherished for the rest of our lives. However, with all the fun and excitement, organizing an appropriate family travel plan is a huge risk and a big responsibility. Disagreements are bound to happen anytime a bunch of people come together irrespective of the fact that they are related by blood. Instead of being blamed for the unhappiness caused to everyone, by just paying extra attention to a couple of few things, you can surely turn your family vacation into a beautiful time spent in the company of your near and dear ones.

Tips to Organize a Fine Family Travel Plan

1) The foremost thing which you need to pay attention is to choose convenient dates, keeping in mind the schedule of 90 percent of the people who plan to come for the vacation. Always choose a couple of potential dates and then you can ask for everyone’s input regarding their availability.

2) Go in for a central location. All the family members must be traveling from different directions and thus it becomes a necessity to pick a central location. You

3 Super Critical Things That Every Traveler Must Bring

Traveling can be an exciting time, but without proper planning and preparation then your trip can be ruined. The most critical part of the preparation process is packing. Without a proper plan and with poor execution of packing, then you may accidentally overlook essential items that were supposed to be packed. In this article about travel packing tips, I will provide an overview of probably the three most crucial items that must be packed for any traveler.

Critical Item #1: Cash, Credit Cards, and Traveler Checks

I would like to refer to this item as the triple C’s: Cash, Credit Cards, and Traveler Checks. These are listed in the order of importance. Sufficient cash is the most important item to bring, without money your trip will be worthless.

Credit cards are important, as this acts as a backup reserve in case you run out of cash or want to save on the amount of cash you want to bring. This comes in handy for places where credit cards are readily accepted, such as hotels, and restaurants.

Traveler checks are sometimes a good item to bring along as it is a secure way of bringing money as only yourself will be authorized to cash out

5 Essential Honeymoon Planning Tips

Couples get plenty of wedding advice about how to plan for their big day, but they may not get any helpful hints for planning their honeymoon. Your honeymoon will be the trip of a lifetime, and the last thing you want is any kind of snafu along the way. Get prepared with these five essential honeymoon planning tips.

One: Check the Weather Before Booking Your Trip. Sure, a beach honeymoon is a classic way to unwind after tying the knot, but running from a Category 4 hurricane? Not so much! Before you book your honeymoon, find out what the weather is usually like in your destination at the time of year in which you will be married. Hurricane season in the Atlantic happens to coincide with prime wedding season, so if a beach honeymoon is your dream, think Hawaii rather than the Cayman Islands. If you do decide to risk it and book your trip to a destination where severe weather is a possibility, get travel insurance in case you have to reschedule your trip.

Two: Check Your Documents. Plenty of people do not have passports, but you now need one to travel to any international destination, including Canada and Mexico.

5 Steps travel planning to Success

When you are embarking on a travel, the planning is the most important thing you need to do. You have to make sure everything is in order. Even the best things-the best vacation destination, the best hotel, etc.-can be of no avail if you have planned incorrectly.

Here is a travel planning guide you can use. It tells you of a systematic approach to plan your travel, which ensures you have a great time.

Research for the Destination

Where will you be going? This is the first thing you need to decide. The destination should be something that everyone in your party wishes to visit. That makes the vacation more enjoyable. It is great if there’s someone in the party who has visited the destination before, but if not, you need to get as much information as possible. Every popular vacation destination has a tourist website of its own, which is mostly run by the government of the place. Take some time out to research for your options through this website. Get somewhat acquainted with what kind of place it is-conservative or liberal as regards tourists, what kind of food you will get there, the climate, the appropriate dress to wear, the

Meal Planning Tips For Travelers

“Always On the go?” “No time to plan meals?” Then try these meal planning travel tips!

The “On-The-Go” mentality seems to run our lives nowadays. We seem to be in a rush the moment we get up by the time we get home from work. Even then, it doesn’t slow down. By the time we relax, it’s already time to go to bed. Then the cycle continues.

I lived with this “on-the-go” mentality for years. I know how difficult it is to travel a lot and feel that rush on a daily basis. I commuted to work and spent a total of 4 hours of day on the road. It is not a way to live. Before I knew it, I was feeling tired, irritable, and cranky. Of course, the traffic didn’t help the situation. But also, not having the proper nutrition or calories for the day contributed to my stress.

As a result I had to take charge and come up with a plan!

There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before you start meal planning “on-the-go”. These questions along with my meal planning travel tips are outlined below.

Depending on what your answers are, you can design a meal

Benefits of Travel Planning and How to Get Started

If you travel frequently or travel a lot then you must have realized the importance of travel planning. A well planned trip really gets you your money’s worth. You are aware of your schedule, plus you are not wasting your time in figuring out (at the last minute) what to see, what to do, where to eat, etc. But still a lot of people travel with vague plans and without a complete picture. A lot of people say to me that travel planning is hard and time consuming and that if they were to wait for a travel plan then they would not be able to travel at all.

I disagree with all of them. Yes, it takes time to plan a trip but whats the point of traveling to another country or city if you are not going to see the best sites, taste the local food, or experience the top activities. Following are some of the tips that you can use to plan a near perfect trip for yourself.

First of all, zero out on a location where you would like to travel, it may be another city, state or another country.

Second, Why you would like to go there? Maybe

Top 5 Vacation Planning Tips

Planning a vacation but haven’t quite worked out the details? Here are five vacation planning tips every new traveler should know.

#1 – Start with the “What”, Not the “Where”

Destinations don’t make or break vacations–activities do. No matter how exotic the location, it won’t feel like much of a vacation if you’re not enjoying yourself.

Think of how you want to spend your vacation and make a list of your “must do” recreational activities. Use the list to narrow down your destination and hotel choices based on your recreational needs. You’re more likely to have a great time if everything you want to do is conveniently located.

#2 – Do Your Homework

Sites like Expedia and Orbitz make it easy to book cheap vacation packages, but these packages don’t necessarily provide you with the best value for your money. There are generally a lot of restrictions on these packages (e.g., travel dates, modifications, cancelations, etc.) and the price is often indicative of the quality of the accommodations.

Take the time to research every aspect of your vacation–not just the price–or you could end up with buyer’s remorse. Ultimately, the best vacation deals are the ones that best meet your needs and expectations in terms of

10 Hotel Travel Tips

Staying in a hotel is great. Who doesn’t love the luxury of knowing you can make a mess and someone else will clean it up, make your bed, pick up your towels, etc. Great fun! Here are 10 vacation planning and hotel travel tips to make the most of your next hotel visit.

1. When choosing your hotel, be sure to check how far away it is from such places as the beach, shops, and the areas you plan to explore. Sometimes you will find misleading phrases such as “near the beach” or “within walking distance of shops and restaurants.”

2. I like to pick a hotel that has a nice restaurant attached or as part of the hotel itself. They are usually open pretty early and stay open fairly late so that if you happen to get in late from your day, you can grab a coffee or a bite to eat. The ones that are open 24 hours are the best! If you are staying at one of the hotel resorts in Vegas, all the big ones have a 24-hour restaurant. I love that!

3. Go online and check for reviews of the hotel you plan to stay at. Make sure

International Air Travel Tips

Flying around the world might be easy and hassle-free if you remember some of the international tips for air travel. Early arriving and ensuring about the correct documents is necessary. Additional tips for making the trip smoother comprise receiving wanted seat assignments, converting some dollars to the local currency prior departing, and gaining benefits of the facilities accessible to the business class plus the first-class passenger, if possible.


Correct documentation is necessary for any of the international trip. You are just not permitted to enter the airplane lacking it. Almost each and every international destination at present requires carrying of legal passport. Additionally, several countries necessitate having visa – authorization to go in the country, which is embossed directly in the passport. Few countries too need a fitness document that shows your recent inoculations.

Ensure allowing sufficient time for new passport processing if needed. The standard rotate time via mail takes four to six weeks. Take more time if you require visa for the trip since you should have passport initially in order that visa can be stamped in the passport.

Plan Early when Possible

The greatest seat with the greatest airfares nearly always goes to the people making their reservations in advance.

Top 3 Things Not to Bring on an Airplane

With heightened security around the world, airport security checks have been more strict and stringent. Going through customs in the airport can be an ordeal, where customs officers will check everything on you to ensure there are no dangerous items being brought on board the plane. Therefore in order to make your trip through the customs as smoothly as possible, here are some important air travel tips on what NOT to bring with you on an airplane.

1.) Do not bring any lighters or other flammable liquids

This may sound obvious, but sometimes people do accidentally bring with them in their carryon luggage or even in their pockets flammable items such as cigarette lighters. There may not be much serious consequences with being caught with a lighter (the most they will tell you to do is discard them), but it is just one last thing you want for a customs officer to waste your time and check you inside out. By doing due diligence to ensure you do not have any lighters on you will help to make your customs clearance smoother.

2.) Do not bring any sharp metal items

With the heightened security around all the airports, customs officers are not more stringent

Air Travel Tips for Travelers with Health Issues or Disabilities

Travel by air for people with health issues, handicaps, disabilities or special needs, can be challenging. The following air travel tips will help make your flight and trip, whether domestic or international, easier, cheaper and safer.

When making your travel reservations, request any carts, wheelchair services or any other transportation you’ll need. Fully describe your limitations and needs. Get your airline ticket and boarding pass well ahead of time so you don’t have to wait in any lines. You’ll be able to arrange travel at a discount, get better travel deals, and avoid last minute travel headaches.

Talk with your airline representative or travel agent regarding the type of restrooms that are on the airplane. Call your airport and find out as much information as possible about the restrooms and handicapped parking at the airport.

You’ll need to find out how you’ll be boarding the airplane at each of the airports involved in your trip. You may need another type of airplane or alternative route so you’ll have Jetways, or jet bridges, into the plane from the airport and not have to worry about stairs.

One year my mother and I were going to fly out of the San Jose, California airport and

Air Travel Tips For Parents of Toddlers

The person who first coined the phrase “flying the friendly skies” was obviously not traveling with young children. If at some point in the future you will be finding yourself on a cramped airplane with a rambunctious toddler (or two), first of all let me offer my condolences. As the mother of two boys and a veteran of the so-called friendly skies, I have been in your shoes more than once.

Yes, I know – you don’t need my sympathy, or my empathy, or my condolences. You need help! So, for what it is worth, here are my words of experience (errr, I mean wisdom) on how to survive your next trip:

Toddler Air Travel Tips #1: Do not use the white paper bag in the seat pocket in front of you as a paper airplane!

It does not matter that you spent a small fortune loading your Vera Bradley carry-on luggage with goodies aimed at keeping your two-year old entertained for hours. There is an unwritten rule that dictates that your toddler will get bored within the first fifteen minutes of departure.

That white paper bag in the seat pocket in front of you will begin to beckon to you, with the

8 Tips to Lessen the Fear of Flying

“Phobias do not control. But there are still ways to try to stop it.” Just a few weeks ago, one tragic event shook the world: an Air France plane was lost in the Atlantic and all its occupants died. This plane crash occurred between Rio de Janeiro and Paris may rekindle fears of the plane felt by many travelers. Rather than seeing this as inevitable phobia, it is better to try to fight against this fear.

Fear of flying or aerophobia is an anxiety disorder. It is very common disorder as two out of three passengers show various physical symptoms while traveling in air travel. It affects even young children and adolescents, but is more common in those who pass the middle stage of life, i.e. between 40 and 55 years. It is very common phobia in business executives and professionals. Women who are mothers are also more likely to suffer.

Each year, more than two billion people use to travel by the air. About 25 to 30 million people move every year, there are only a few dozens of accidents. The year 2007 has been the safest years since 1963, with 136 air crashes (50 lines charters or regular) and less

Smart Tips to Pack Well for Planning An Air Travel

Travelling is a fun experience for anyone but packing for an air travel is simply tiresome. Whether you want to believe it or not, packing is a tricky and tiresome task as you can’t just throw all your desired things into a baggage or suitcase and take it to the airport. All airlines or air-carrier, whether it’s domestic or international has some particular rules and regulations for luggage like, what all you can pack in your checked luggage and carry-on bag or bags. And, if you exceed the limits or don’t obey the luggage rules of the relevant airline, then you may need to pay an extra fee to check even a single extra bag (weight wise as well). In the following write-up, we have mentioned some of the smart tips which you can follow while planning an air travel.

Be Prepared for Lost Baggage
While doing the packing, you must keep in mind the stance of lost baggage at the airport! Therefore, you should pack 2 days’ worth of clothes along with a toothbrush / toothpaste and any other daily usable item in your carry-on bag. The bag should also be including a comb or brush, travel-sized contact lens solution

Tips for Saving on Air Travel

Air travel is considered one of the most comfortable and fastest means of transport. Most of the individuals wish to travel by airplanes but are not able to avail these services due to their high prices. In order to meet the requirements of the customers many airlines have come up with effective methods, including the introduction of air services at comparatively cheaper prices. The low price of the air tickets has attracted numerous tourists towards it. But most of the times they find it costly and prefer travelling via train or bus in order to save their money. Following are some effective tips that can help you in getting air tickets at lowest airfare.

Early bookings – In order to get cheap air tickets for your upcoming journey, you can book them in advance. An advance booking approximately two weeks before can provide you an air ticket at low prices. You can make your bookings as early as possible because the earlier you book the ticket you get it at cheaper rates. The same air ticket might cost you even more than double the original cost if you purchase it few hours before the commencement of the flight. So, always